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Based on many years of experience and knowledge, we direct and help our customers to work productively, achieve high business performance, ensure compliance with laws, reliability, and convenience.

Our Story

The MALTON GROUP brand (owned by RBC-Expertiza LLC) was formed as a result of the merger of the largest consulting companies in the region and includes RBC-Expertiza LLC (formerly Rosexpertiza Consulting LLC), RBC-Expertiza Audit LLC (formerly "Rosexpertiza Kaluga" LLC) and "MALTON" LLC.

"RBC-Expertiza" LLC was founded by Moiseenkov Alexander Grigorievich in 1996 as the Kaluga branch of Rosexpertiza LLC. The parent company was founded in Moscow in 1993 and held leading positions in the Russian consulting market. By the end of the 1990s, Rosexpertiza LLC had more than 14 branches.

At the initial stage, the main areas of activity of the Kaluga branch of Rosexpertiza were a financial audit and independent valuation of property, the Company received all necessary licenses to provide these services in 1996.

Company milestones

1996 - 2004

During this period, the Company successfully worked as a branch of one of the largest auditing companies in Russia - Rosexpertiza LLC. During this time the collective has repeatedly received awards for high achievements in development; The Kaluga branch was noted by management as one of the most dynamic and stable divisions.

Among the first employees of the branch were Alexander Grigorievich Moiseenkov, Valery Vasilyevich Mokshin, Andrei Petrovich Dalidovich, Andrey Aleksandrovich Moiseenkov, Elena Aleksandrovna Ivashchenko, who currently occupy the positions at the board of directors.

2004 - 2005

In 2004, the parent company Rosexpertiza LLC decided to join the international association of audit organizations, which was the reason for the decision to transform the Kaluga branch into a subsidiary (Rosexpertiza Kaluga LLC).

2004 was a year of rapid growth: the number of clients and the number of employees (up to 25 people) increased quickly.

Having gained independence in decision-making, the management with the support of employees made great efforts to develop and expand the client base. This was the beginning of the development of new directions:

  • Property valuation for the purpose of mortgage lending,
  • Business planning,
  • Tax consulting,
  • Strategic consulting.

All this strengthened the company's leadership positions in the Kaluga region.

2005 - 2014

Focusing on the needs of the market, in 2005 the history of the new Company - Rosexpertiza Consulting LLC begin. The main direction of its work was chosen independent valuation of property. This decision had entailed structural changes in the Company, which was a new stage of development. The effectiveness of this changes (less than three years later) was confirmed by the independent rating agency "Unipravex" (, in which the Rosexpertiza Consulting LLC had deserved the highest rating.

During 2009 - 2012 the company Rosexpertiza Consulting LLC repeatedly became the winner of the contest "100 best products of Russia".

Acquisition of new licenses and dynamic development throughout the decade contributed to the further expansion of the range of services provided by both companies

  • New areas of activity were mastered:
  • Accounting outsourcing,
  • Disputing the cadastral price value,
  • Legal expertise and etc.

During this period, has been opened a branch in Obninsk City, which (in less than three months) has shown its effectiveness, and is currently the largest player in the city's consulting services market.

The number of Company personnel has grown to 40 people, and the volume of services provided has more than doubled.

A perspective direction of international cooperation has been open, whose customers are such industrial transnational enterprises as:

  • Volkswagen,
  • Magna,
  • Continental,
  • Forbo,
  • CBMI Construction,
  • ShingChang Construction and many others.
2014 - 2016

In July 2014, the Company's management takes a decision for the rebranding. By October 2014, all the necessary work related to these changes was completed and more than two years (until early 2017), the company was called RBC-Expertiza LLC and RBC-Expertiza Audit LLC.

In 2016 the Company met new successes and facts of wide recognition, including at the level of Kaluga's Government, becoming the winner of the annual contest "Business Success" in the category "Services" with a staff up to 100 people.

Throughout 2014-2015, the Company has consistently ranked among the top 100 Russian consulting and audit companies following the results of a study by the International Group of Rating Agencies "Expert RA" (

2016 - to the present day

Despite the difficult economic conditions in Russian, the Company did not slow down the growth rate in 2016 and, having chosen a new vector in professional development, signed an agreement of integration with one of the largest IT companies in the region.

At the same time, the new product for Small Business Accounting was launched, called "DopOfis". Several business services have been developed and successfully implemented, allowing customers of the Company more comfortable and reliable do their business.

New growth rates, access to the federal level of work and active foreign economic activity led to the need to choose a new approach in management, brand, and Company reputation.

Consolidation was carried out under the trademark MALTON, which is an acronym of the main areas of work (Marketing, Audit, Licensing, Technologies, Optimization, taxatioN).

In May 2016, the board of directors took a decision to open a new branch in the United States. That will give the company new opportunities on the international market and further possibilities to expand the range of services provided to customers.

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